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Import Vehicles from the U.S.

Locating the vehicle that meets ALL of your requirements
Obtaining a full inspectino at the original location before shipment.
Purchasing the vehicle with our funds after the inspection meets our requirements
Completing all documents for exporting (from the USA), importing (into Canada) and also clearing any recalls on the vehicle (if applicable)
Bringing the purchased vehicle across the Canadian border
Ordering another full mechanical inspection of the unit
Ensuring that all required mechanical and cosmetic improvements are done to meet Canadian standards!
Have you found a Vehicle in the U.S.A that you need assistance importing?
Alliance Motor Cars offers a full import service. We take care of all the documents needed to import any vehicle make. We also take care of any government fees, brokerage fees, and any inspections you will need prior to purchase to after bringing into Canada. All of these services are done at our dealer cost so we save you time and money.
Prepare and file all documents for importation of specific vehicle purchased by you = $995
Alliance Motor Cars guarantees that we can beat the price of any local big brand dealership! We specialize in locating the cleanest, low mileage, and wholesale priced vehicles.
Alliance Motor Cars is a family-based business that has built its business around exceeding the customers' expectations.
If you have a vehicle in mind, please call 1 (877) 651-1381 or click here to contact us for a free quote today!